Damn Spot

The idea of community coming together, with the goal of creating a public art piece through  performance/discussion and the ultimate result of an installation along the fencing at Strathcona Park. This art project involves people showing up to the Strathcona park every Monday. The time (not solidbut likely) between 7 am and 10 am to work together on textiles. The 7 am start is a thank you nod to the Parks Board of Vancouver that came up with the bylaw of tents needing to be packed up after any

overnight camping. Rather than pack up our group will unpack their sewing kits, sitting 6 feet apart, and begin stitching.


Each kit will have material, from bedding, that has been cut into a triangle and a circle; the triangle is inspired by Judy Chicago to be a symbol of equality and the circle is a symbol I've used for community. On each circle will be a word : STABILITY, SUPPORT, SAFETY, SPACE. The participating community will stitch a circle onto the triangle and each flag shape will be attached to the fence around the park. The goal here is to bring attention to SOCIETY's need to DO BETTER



Artist Statement

The 3 plus layers of Government and partners are in a hot mess of social problems. Has enough been done to make society safe and clean. The people who have access to more than the average 'Joe' are where exactly?  Washing hands like Lady McBeth we find  those who make a difference too washing  their hands of a spot ( the circle in the triangle) on Society instead of providing the necessary solution of

Stability, Support, Safety and Space.

Or are they trying and just not leading? Why can't Canada come up with a solution like other countries such as Portugal? Are we just throwing money at a stain that won't go away? What are we missing? These are the kinds of questions we hope to toss out while stitching together as a community. We look to healing ourselves one stitch at a time. We encourage the positive conversation of "We can do better" as the sub text of the title "abOUT DAMN SPOT".

So let's talk about that spot!



CAWM Collective




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